Bits and Bytes Code Fest


If your kids are into technology, why not invest in their future so that they become creators and innovators of technology? We invite your kids to join us for 2 days of intensive coding for web design and game design. We will introduce coding concepts using basic easy to learn activities. Then we will go beyond the basics and tackle more challenging tasks that focus on coding in HTML and JAVA for Web Design and Game Design.

Beginning and experienced coders are welcome to join the challenge. The kids will also work in teams to apply their critical thinking and technical skills to create a final product that they will appreciate.

2 Days: July 20-21, 9am-11am each day (full week available at Summer Tech STEM Camp)

Fee: 1 Day – $20 or 2 Days – $35

Ages: 8-13

Each child should bring their own laptop.

Parents are welcome to stay or hang around close by.

For more information, please call Nakita at 678-485-7941.