Summer Camp 2018


Kids will use their creativity to develop the skills of an Engineer of Robots. They will design, build, and program the LEGO Mindstorm EV3. The students will learn the basic movements. With progress, they will work in teams to complete more challenging activities, which will include programming the 4 sensors (ultrasonic, gyro, touch, and color), allowing the robot to respond to different variables in its setting. Students will learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills through trial and error experimentation and testing their programming. The final project will consist of the students programming the robot to use 3 of the 4 sensors in an autonomous setting.


Kids will engage in a variety of media technology and learn exactly what the pros learn, from professionals in the industry. Campers will enjoy using music, video, and photography to bring their creative expressions to life during this camp, and post their finalized production project on their very own website.

Music Production – The music session will focus on music production using the audio editing tools, equipment, and software of professional music producers. We will have guest producers from the music industry to provide a real world experience on how beats are created and music is mixed to production.

Video Production – The film and photography sessions will operate hand in hand for capturing images and video footage; The kids will learn how to operate the camera and understand terminology. The film production session will focus on pre-production (developing a storyline using a storyboard), production (filming and directing), and post-production (editing) phases. We will use Pinnacle Studio 16 for the video editing, as well as look into other common mobile video editing software. The photography session will focus on capturing images and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. The final project will consist of a compilation of the student’s work as a short film or PSA that will include their original music production and photography.

Web Design – The Web Design session will focus on the programming language HTML. The learning points include tags, styling, links, adding video and photos, terminology, multiple pages, and more. The final project will consist of a personal website for each student in which they have designed and programmed from the ground up. They will incorporate their Music Production and Film Projects into their website as a final project.